SPIRAL at American University SPATIAL-Stat at American University

Applications for both SPIRAL and SPATIAL-Stats, please go to www.spatialreu.org.  Applicants are US citizens or permanent residence.



This program is possible with the generous support of  the National Security Agency (NSA), a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant DMS- 1560332 administered though the American Statistical Assoc. (ASA)  and Morgan St. University

Program Details

The seven-week program on the campus of American University will have a  three-pronged approach: (1) Students will participate in research seminars in mathematics, probability and statistics in which research projects will be investigated in teams. Each team will write a final paper discussing their results and give an oral presentation. (2) There will be an intensive seven-week course - emphasizing proof, with problem workshops and daily homework- consisting of modules, that will include, Cominatorics, Modeling the Spread of Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases (Statistics).  (3) Most weeks will have a day devoted to professional development and career awareness, enhancing the students' view of the mathematical world.

SPIRAL will pay for the participant's travel, room and supplies. Each student will also be given a $3,000 stipend. Funds are also available for travel to selected national meetings in the months following the conclusion of SPIRAL.

Program Details for SPATIAL-Stats are at www.spatialreu.org.